How a Clean Environment Assures Quality Goods

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When I was still new to making screens at my current company, I could not help but notice that the building seemed so brand new. By this, I meant that even after 20 years since it was first built, the building was still “healthy” and it never underwent major repairs. It really looks tidy and well-managed.

Over lunch, I had these thoughts shared with someone who has been with the company when it first started. He made me understand why the company building is still strong and free from any damage, as well as he made me feel lucky and contented with my decision to transfer to this company, even when they are not as famous as the previous company I worked for.

He told me, that during the time that the factory was built, every nook and cranny of the place was inspected by different experts for the different parts of the factory. The owners wanted something long lasting, and they did not care if this would mean that they will have to spend so much on their capital investment. They hired expert engineers, architects, interior designers, carpenters, plumbers, bug killers and whoever else needed to work to get the building in one great shape. Everyone, and they really emphasized on everyone, were well-known experts in their respective fields and they worked hand in hand to make sure that the perfect gadget manufacturing building was created.

One of the most important aspect that was dealt with was making certain that the whole place is clean and free from dust and molds. These things are a major threat to the quality of the products and the owners knew that even before they put up the place and decided on the business.

For the mold problem, they hired a New Jersey mold remediation company to handle the situation. This crew is the best in mold removal business. Even without the molds appearing just yet, their services can already be sought for because they can also assess the materials and foundation of your place and predict what possible molds could infest. Then, they can provide the entire place with mold prevention chemicals so that the molds will never be able to grow in the first place – which is apparently what this building has been so blessed to have. The very reason why it has stayed so clean throughout the years.

I see the team from this company once every month, but they are not there to fix any mold issues, rather, they are there to inspect how the foundation they built against mold infestation is holding up, and they do necessary tweaking if they see fit.

This company probably lives in the motto that prevention is always, always better than cure, and the result of this is clearly seen in our company building.

You might be curious by now about this company. So, go ahead and check them out at You can tell them you found out about them through me, and hopefully they give my home a free mold removal session. I’ll cross my fingers on that one.