Let the Robots Take Your Job & Find Your Future in Automation

I have a friend that I speak with frequently. Even though we work in different industries we have a lot of professional qualities in common. While I work with electronics such as devices that people interact with I sometimes have the opportunity to cross over into the manufacturing industry. Automated manufacturing is the present and the future.
I called my friend the other day to talk to him and get some advice because he is now what they call an automation controls engineer. He programs Plc ladder logic daily now and diagnoses problems in the manufacturing process when they arise. He mentioned to me that he had in his previous position as a machine operator had a moment of clarity. He had always feared the machines and the fact that they would one day take his job, but in that moment he realized that deep down he really wanted the machines to take his job. It would be the only way he could improve on his current situation. He devised a plan which included furthering his education. He decided to go back to school and learn how to gain control over these machines that would one day take his job.
Instead of resisting the reality of his situation he would take advantage of it and turn it in his favor. Technology was moving fast so he had to get a jump on it and quit his job that day. He went and signed up for classes that day and took on a full load of 23 hours per semester. He told me how hard things had become during that time and it had taken everything he had to keep going. He finally had to take on side jobs to pay the bills until he could get done with school. The demand is so high for automation techs right now that he knew he would get a job as soon as he graduated. He supplemented his income during school by building and repairing computers. Trying to survive on such a small income was a headache, but would be worth it if he made it through.
After completing school in five semesters he started getting calls just like he thought he would. He now works in a factory that only has a handful of people staffed because the machines do all the work. He keeps the manufacturing process going and yes the machines took his previous job but at the same time created a new job that pays twice what he was making before.
The point I would like to make from this story is that technology changed fast. Always stay ahead of the game and don’t be afraid of change. Don’t let these changes take control over you. Take control over technology. Make it depend on you by learning how it all works and all that physical work will fade away into an easy and enjoyable life. Nowadays he sits at a desk with ladder logic pulled up on his computer monitor. When something breaks he is able to trace it down in the logic to find out what is wrong before he goes out to fix it. This saves a lot of time. His life has really changed because he got proactive about the changes we are all about to experience. Don’t let yourself get locked down into a job that will be obsolete in five years. Do your research and take the bull by the horns.