Lets Game On

I love all parts of technology. Which you guys know that I should since I work in the industry. Being able to create something for entertainment purposes or to help assist in a job is so much fun. Plus you feel like you are always helping or satisfying someone out there. I know that is how I feel after I create things at work. I know when it leaves there that someone is going to enjoy this or that it is going to make their life so much easier. I take a lot of pride knowing that. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling you could say.

But something that I have never worked with are video games. I have always loved games. It kind of comes with the territory of me being a tech nerd. I know most you guys probably have or know of many different games out there. There is always an app, console, or computer that most people enjoy. I want to tell everyone about one that came across me. I have been playing it for awhile now and I still enjoy it.

Have you ever heard of Minecraft? This game is so much fun. You are in control of everything in the game. You make every decision that goes on. It is like many of your predetermined games of the past. This one you create your own world. You build it up with 3D blocks. I know that it sounds simple but trust me it is amazing. You build up your world however you like. You can recreate civilizations and control them. The options for the game are endless. That is what makes it so much fun to play. Also you can play online. So the world that you create can be visited by others online! I started playing so much that I needed to get a Minecraft hosting. I started using Brink Hosting. They are the best for Minecraft hosting. Trust me. I did a lot of research on it.