Never Be Afraid to Voice Out Opinions

I know a common issue that employees have with their employers, or even just with their managers. It always seem so hard to approach them, especially if you want to tell them of an idea you have, that you think would benefit the entire company.

This fear is understandable, considering that the corporate world has a ladder that people should follow. You cannot easily climb it without working hard through each and every step up the ladder that you want to take.

I was also once consumed by this fear. Sometimes, I get a lot of new ideas for new projects and new products, but I simply shut them down before it even gets started to be perfect in my mind. I erase the idea because I know that it won’t become a reality anyways. Like everybody else, I was scared. Scared that the management would raise their brows on my idea, scared that it would be ridiculed, scared that it would be laughed at, and scared that my idea is not even as good as I think it is.

If I make that kind of impression, I might end up delaying my climb up the corporate ladder, or worse, I could end up looking for another job.

However, an event in my life as an employee has made me realize that this world is a changed world, and employees should have the courage to break out from this fear if they ever want to ever succeed and be recognized.

It started out as an ordinary day, but it ended with me being proud of myself more than ever.

My supervisor is frantic because they were about to head out for  meeting and he has been in the heat for the past weeks, because sales were not booming and targets were not met. As I passed by her office, I saw her in a very vulnerable state that I felt the urge to comfort her. While there, I told her about the idea of SEO and how it has been helping a lot of other smaller business hit targets through online marketing.

The blogger that I am was only sharing the idea to her because it is something that I am quite familiar with. I never thought she was actually considering the idea.

After their meeting, she came up to me and asked for information on any Huntsville SEO expert I could recommend to start working for the online marketing of the company. I was shocked at first I was not able to react. She found potential in my idea!

The best part was, she told me that she mentioned in the meeting that the idea was mine. Hence, when it pushes forth, I might just be a part of the team to head it.

I was very thankful for her recognition of my ability to have great ideas. I immediately contacted the Huntsville SEO expert I know and told him of the upcoming project.

This experience became my eye opener on how it is possible to succeed in your career, as long as you break away from your fears. I guess some would say this is a lucky break, but it is a break nontheless, for just saying it out there, regardless of your intent and the circumstance.

Of course, whatever you have to say, you have to make sure that you are putting the benefits of the company above it all, as this will be the only way for them to see that you genuinely care for the people you are working for.