The Perfect Gift For Grandpa – an iPad

Last weekend, I spent time with my cousin who lives in Chicago. We went hopping from shop to shop along the busy streets of the city looking for the perfect gift for our grandpa. Our grandfather will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow. We want to surprise him with something that we know he would love. But we had no idea what to get for him.

We hustled through the street shops for hours. We thought of buying him a nice polo shirt but I remember he received a dozen of polo shirts last Christmas. A pair of comfy shoes or a watch would be nice. But my gut-feel just said no to all of these. It must be something practical and useful.

We were a bit confused and exhausted. We decided to sit down on a café and ordered for coffee and food. The café was not so crowded. There was jazz music playing. It was a good place to relax and for people sight-seeing. I noticed a man in his senior years sitting from across our own table. He was busy looking down on his touchscreen gadget. I realized he was playing a game on his iPad. I thought it was cool. Right then, I realized what I should have realized a long time. Working with mobile touchscreens, I should have thought about how cool it would be to give our grandpa an iPad. With the high quality of the screens, I am sure he would not find it difficult to use, at all.

Grandpa with iPad

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So, we set out to buy grandpa his gift. While walking towards the shop, my mom called to remind me of the basement waterproofing concrete sealer which needed to be purchased. Our uncle Jon was the one who told us that the sealer would be the solution to our basement fiasco. Water damage Chicago style is a common thing in our cousin’s area. Good thing we have an uncle who knows a lot about fixing water damage problems. In fact, in order to help as many people as possible, our uncle Jon has created a website he called MyWebPal, and it is a site dedicated to providing knowledge and important information about water restoration.

When the phone call ended, we were already outside the Apple store so we proceeded to buying an iPad. We thought it’s a perfect gift for a man with an eyesight fading. Grandpa can use it to read the newspaper and check the weather in a larger font. He’s been using a desktop to check emails. Now, he could just easily swipe his fingers to check emails from his children and grandchildren and view photos. He could play games from solitaires to more complex games which can be good for his memory and thinking ability.

We are more than excited to give this present to our grandfather. We can’t wait to gather around him and watch his distinct funny laugh. We are grateful for this technology. It’s a great gift worth spending for.